Echo point Munnar is one of the must see attractions in Munnar anytime round the year . The mesmerizing place gets its name by the natural echo phenomenon that occurs in the place. The uniqueness of this place lies in the fact that on shouting your voice returns reverberates to you with what you shouted. Echo Point is situated in the way to the Top Station, which is the highest point in Munnar.

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Echo Point’s scenic gorgeousness consists of clustered tea plantations, spice and coffee gardens. It is a great spot for trekkers and nature strollers as well. The velvety green slopes are a great spot to photograph moments of serenity and natural beauty.

What do we love about Echo Point Munnar?

Generally, the tourists love the scenic beauty of the echo point. It definitely feels great to hear your echo at this point. The echo is even audible even while boating. The echo point is the most attractive and beautiful place in Munnar.

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It is a great place to visit with friends and family. The tourists can sit and relax after a journey to re-energize themselves. There are several street shops where articles and chunky jewelries can be purchased at low prices. The lake near the echo point looks serene and which is probably the best place to click your photographs. The climate is quiet soothing and chilly.

What to know about Echo Point Munnar?

The temperature is approximately in the range of 15 degree Celsius to 20 degree Celsius in October whereas it drops to 12 degree Celsius in the month of November. The temperature in December and January are in the range of 10 degree Celsius to 15 degree Celsius.

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Munnar weather during the spring shoots up and it ranges between 17 degree Celsius 22 degree Celsius. The temperature in April in Munnar goes up to maximum of 25 degree Celsius. In May, it rises to a maximum of 33 degree.

Visiting hours, weekly holidays and Entrance fee for Echo Point Munnar

You can visit the place from 6 AM-7:30 pm. There are no weekly holidays for visiting this location. You can enjoy the sunrise in Munnar the scenic beauty of this location as well. This is done with a view to inspire the tourist activities in the Echo Point as much as possible. There is no entrance fees for visiting this location.

Echo Point is located at a distance of 13 kilometers from Munnar towards Mattupetty.

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