Munnar is an ideal escape for honeymoon seekers as well as leisure travellers. Munnar has a salubrious, comfortable and pleasing climate throughout the year. Best time to Visit Munnar varies based on why you want to visit Munnar..

Best Season to Visit Munnar in Kerala
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Houses for plantation workers in Munnar tea plantations, Kerala, India

There are two peak seasons in Munnar. You need to choose the best time to visit Munnar based on whether you are visiting Munnar in winter or in summer.

Summer Season in Munnar – March to May

The weather in Munnar in summer which is a peak season from March to May is comfortable. In these hot months Munnar is a popular choice as a summer destination in India to escape from the heat in the plains. The temperature in April and May in Munnar braces at a greatest of 25 degree . The least temperature in Summer is 22 degree . The summer peak season is from March to May and temperatures will be lower than plains.

Munnar in Summer
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Munnar in Summer

Munnar Weather in March

In March, the temperature will be fluctuating from 27 Degree Celsius to 23 Degree Celsius. Munnar will have a lovely climate that attract nature-loving visitors to the destination in large numbers. During the daytime, the temperature will be little higher than nights. The cool nights provide the charms of hill stations in South India. The month is favorable for water games, outdoor photo shoots, sightseeing etc.

Munnar Weather in April

April with the beginning of summer remains moderate in weather. The temperature is around 27 Degree Celsius to 23 Degree Celsius in Munnar. The month is considered as the suitable time to stay at a resort in the hill station and enjoy roaming around the surrounded tea and coffee plantations. April is an excellent time for trekking, nature walks and forest visits at Munnar and you may often see wild animals venturing out of forests for Water.

Munnar Weather in May

May is a month that takes away Munnar’s chilling charm. On an average, may is the warmest month in Munnar but Weather in Munnar will be colder than any other part of India. The climate becomes hotter for day and night. The temperatures show a discrepancy between 36 Degree Celsius to 24 Degree Celsius. By the mid of May, visitors can feel the shower of mild rains all across Munnar. The humidity is high in this season and thus sports and games can’t be done. The month is not that favorable for gang tours or honeymoons. If you are a nature lover, enjoys drizzling in hill stations, this is the right time to pack your bags for Munnar.

Monsoon Season in Munnar – June to August

In monsoons, Munnar receives moderate to heavy rainfall, and the temperature is between 20 degree and 25 degree. Munnar Monsoons have a tantalizing touch wit rainfalls in day time and cold evenings.

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Misty Monsoons in Munnar

Munnar Weather in June

Monsoons in Munnar and Kerala starts in June. The waters on high tide and the rain showers come with thunderstorms, the water sports are paused and swimming is restricted to shallow waters only. Munnar Climate becomes humid and the daytime temperature rises to 27 Degree Celsius and the night time temperature remains around 22 Degree Celsius. The clouds dot the monsoon sky and the rain showers last for the long duration of time. The nights are windy and bear the coolness of the coastal monsoon. However all the waterfalls in Munnar will ooze their charm and the smell of rains in the dry earth is common in June

Munnar Weather in July

Munnar will be more beautiful and wet with monsoon rains in July. The lush greenery that sprouts to add colors to the destination makes the land more picture-perfect. July temperature in Munnar varies from 26 Degree Celsius to 18 Degree Celsius, keeping the humidity elevated. The days with rains and nights with cool climate makes it best for residing at Munnar. The month is not considered a fair time for tourist since sightseeing is not that easy these days. This is just the ideal time for long drives through the hilly roads and narrow forests and enjoythe beautiful rains and monsoons in Munnar.

Munnar Weather in August

Monsoon ends giving way back to the warm days in August. The temperature will be stable around 32 Degree Celsius to 24 Degree Celsius. Days become hot and the nights return to the typical chilliness of Munnar. After the rains in monsoon, the nearby coastal areas to Munnar will be filled with fresh flowing water streams and the month is simply perfect to enjoy water games and sports.

You can enjoy mist layering over the lush greenscapes and tea garden hills, rippling water streams and gurgling waterfalls over the mountain slopes . Booking at the last minute might turn up some winter deals, and it is probable that discounted packages are easier to come in the off season in Kerala.

Winter Season in Munnar – September to February

Peak season in Munnar is from September to March every year. Most hotels charge highest rates and have less incentive to offer discounts. Winter hits Munnar in November and continues till February to March mid. In the peak season and the temperature comes down to 11°C during . Moreover, season after monsoons is also considered as an ideal time for adventure activities like trekking and rock climbing. Hotel rates in Munnar are at peak around Xmas and new Year.

Munnar Weather in September

In September, the temperature ranges from 24 Degree Celsius to 32 Degree Celsius. A mild cold climate with less humidity is the highlight of the month. This is a time you can completely benefit from your tour to Munnar. The weather is favorable to enjoy anything and everything the destination offers. Games, sports, sightseeing, foods, drive all kinds of activities can be enjoyed to its fullest in this month. Most resorts will have off season rates as the season starts only in October and the entire terrain will be green after rains

Munnar Weather in October

Munnar Weather in October is similar to September. The day is sun-drenched and the night is cool. The humidity remains very low in October, making the land suitable for welcoming travelers from across the world. The temperature remains almost the same all throughout the month with little variations from 27 Degree Celsius to 25 Degree Celsius. You will never regret if you plan a trip to Munnar in October and this is the most popular month for trekking in Munnar.

Munnar Weather in November

November is again the best season for sightseeing and enjoying all the activities the tourist destination offers. The time is best for vacation trips and family tours to the hill station. The days are sunny and nights are of average cold. The weather of the month suits for people of every age group. The moderate climate is with a temperature varies from 23 Degree Celsius to 32 degree Celsius.

Munnar Weather in December

December and January are the peak months in Munnar. In the last month of the year, you will love the nights at Munnar. The cool climate is the best suit for honeymooners and families. In day, the climate is moderate and allows you to get pleasure from all the trinkets of the beautiful hill station. The weather here generally rise and fall from 23 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius in December. Munnar is a destination in Kerala is appropriate to celebrate Christmas vacations with family or friends.

Munnar Weather in January

In January, the temperature remains cool during the day and the night. The days seem sun-kissed and create a comfortable weather for tourists to enjoy sightseeing. The temperature in January in Munnar varies from 18 to 32 Degrees Celsius in January. This is the best time to take pleasure in water sports and other outdoor games available through nearby destinations. The pleasant days give way to cool sunsets in January and offers amazing sights of vibrant nature. The nights are breezy and best to enjoy bonfires.

Munnar Weather in February

February, the climate remains similar to January, but, little more chilling and breezy. The maximum temperature will go around 32 Degree Celsius and minimum up to 17 Degree Celsius. The month is considered the best time for honeymooners to visit Munnar. The nights with a cool breeze and sunny days are equally enjoyable for families coming for celebrating vacations. This is a perfect time for night parties and celebration at Munnar. At the starting of the month, the climate will be very pleasing and by the mid, it will become little more cool, but evenly moderate and pleasant. However Eravikulam National Park may be closed in February due to the mating on Nilgiri Tahr .

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Bike Safari to Kolukkummalai Tea Estate
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Bike Safari to Kolukkummalai Tea Estate is popular in Winter

Munnar Weather

Munnar offers moderate to cold temperature for most of the months and is thus best to visit all throughout the year. The experiences that you can grab in each month are surely different since nature makes its own magic in the heavenly space. December is the coldest month, driest month is February, wettest month is June and warmest month is May etc and the highest temperature is 18- 22 Degree Celsius.

From March through May, the average high temperature in Kerala reaches the high 35 degree Celsius while Munnar stays at 22 degree Celsius. Monsoons from June to September is often heavy, so it’s misty and cold with temperatures of 20 degree Celsius.

Some people visit Kerala only to enjoy monsoons which is the best season for Ayurveda treatments as well because of the cold climate. Monsoons is, a favorite time to visit Gods own country.

September to November have the finest average weather in Kerala as well as in Munnar. The average daily temperature is 30 degree Celsius and it will be green after the monsoons. The sun shines most of the time in September and October. The highs in September reaching 33 Degree Celsius on average.

Crowds in Munnar

The high season from October to March is, of course, also the most crowded time in Munnar. In monsoons Munnar is devoid of tourists other than few tourists who come for Ayurvedic treatments.

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Summertime also is the usual time for families to go for a Munnar sightseeing experience . The rest of the year is left more to couples, no matter their age, business travelers and friends on an adventure.

Considerations while choosing time to visit Munnar

If you want to go to Munnar but have serious budget constraints, you should shoot for sometime from April to September. If you mainly want to visit hill stations in Kerala, you can consider anytime. In summer as the rates will be still high as peak season. But, if you like the idea of a cold climate , that’s the time for you to go to get away from summer heat in India.

If none of the above situations applies, September to March is the best times to go to Munnar , according to Lonelyplanet. This time offers the best weather, tolerable crowds, best accessibility and air fares that, though higher than the winter, have not reached their summer peak.

The above information should help any tourist who is planning to visit Kerala but there are always exceptions to the rule – weeks of dry weather in the wet season or monsoon or storms in the dry season.

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