Munnar provides one of the best breathtaking views of the country and it is definite to ease out your soul and make you feel all fresh and wonderful. Munnar Tourism Attractions for Sightseeing offers activities and attractions to satisfy peace seekers, adventurous souls and honeymoon couples if you visit the best places in Munnar.

Blessed is the Western Ghats with the flawless Mother Nature and her breathtaking Tourism Attractions in Munnar. With nature at its best, Munnar is a major tourist spot and one of the must visit places in India. Adorned with rolling hills and tea plantations covered with cotton-white mist with the ultra-blue skies flying right over your head, Munnar is definitely the go-to place and you don’t want to miss it too. Mirror-like lakes, stretched out green which even the eyes can’t reach, the perfect weather, mountain peaks which touches the sky and promising beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Will you take it for a no?! I don’t think so.

List of Munnar Tourist Places

1. Attukad Waterfalls – An ideal trekking spot in Munnar

Trekking and Waterfalls on the list? Don’t wait. Get yourself set for Attukad Waterfalls! Love for green and water would make you all go hearts for this place. Attukad waterfalls is surrounded by dark jungles and rolling terrains and is reachable only through a wooden bridge. Rolling hills and waterfalls! its such a breathtaking view of Attukad Waterfalls. And trekking up is something quite worth the trip and yeah! Don’t forget to have a cardamom tea as you enjoy this incredible sight. Attukad waterfall is something that can’t be missed if you’re planning for Munnar and It is open all days from 10:00 A M to 6:00 P M.

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Attukad Waterfalls-Munnar Kerala

2. Pothamedu Viewpoint – Best Place in Munnar for Photo Shoot

Pothamedu Viewpoint is one of the best places in Munnar for a Photo Shoot and is a sea of green made of pepper, tea, cardamom, and coffee and it’s a sight that will soothe the eyes and soul. It’s never a hard time for trekkers in Munnar. Never! With the clouds rushing right above your head and the green lands stretched wide before your eyes, you are just going to stand still at the beauty of Pothamedu Viewpoint. Muthirapuzha River and Idukki Arch Dam can be seen from the heights of Pothamedu viewpoint. The view from the . It’s no question, but with Pothamedu, you will be a refreshed and mesmerized.

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Pothamedu Viewpoint in Munnar

3. Lockhart Gap – A place that will cover you with fog in morning and evening

On the way to Mattupetti is the picturesque Lock hart Gap with a breathtaking view of mist floating on the layers of hills and it’s all blue. Located at around 12-13 km from Munnar, Lock hart Gap is a major adventure spot. Stretched tea slopes, ultra blue skyline over the mist-hidden hills with the view of the valleys, make it quite the place for peace seekers and photographers.Named for the gap between two mountains which looks like the shape of a heart, Lockhart Gap is an ideal spot for trekking and adventure activities.

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Lockhart Gap Munnar

5. Meesapulimala – Enjoy trekking in Tiger Moustache Mountain

The second highest peak in The Western Ghats, Meesapulimala spreads to the view of lush green valleys, tea plantations and valleys. Declared as a world heritage by UNESCO, Meesapulimala consists of eight hills spreading across like a moustache, giving it its name. Go trekking and once you’re at the peak of Meesapulimala, you can witness the true beauty of Munnar. It is priceless!

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Enjoy trekking in Tiger Moustache Mountain

6. Marayoor Dolmens- View Dolmens & Sandalwood Forests

Waterfalls, rivers, bamboo forests, rocky hills, cave temples, sandalwood trees and paintings, Marayoor has got it all! Dating back to stone age, Dolmens in Marayoor were created using rock slabs, three for the sides and the fourth slab placed on top of these three as a roof. Dolmens with 5 rock slabs have the 5th stone slab acting as the front wall with an opening as the entrance. The place has 15 different types of Dolmens and its situated around 55 km from Munnar and it takes us into the past heritage. Marayoor is known for its exotic and beautiful landscape and is pristine and diverse and is an ideal adventure spot and is rich in nature and history. It’s the ideal location for photographers.

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Marayoor is famous for Dolmens & Sandalwood Forests

7. Kundala Lake – First Arch Dam in Asia

Asia’s first arch dam, Kundala with hills blooming Neela Kurunji once in twelve years, with valleys around makes Kunadala lake a dream location and is one of the major attractions in Munnar. Pedal boating and speed boating in Kundala Lake is another fun activity at the place. The mirror-like lake with a scenery of green hills stretched around makes it a majestic view.

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Kundala is the First Arch Dam in Asia

8. Anamudi – Highest Peak in South India

Trekkers, Mountaineers, Photographers, Wildlife Enthusiasts, Nature Lovers! Its all in for you!
Anamudi puts in everything you are looking for and everything you need. Anamudi peak (8842 ft), the highest peak of South India is the major trekking spot in Munnar and it leaves you in a state of ecstasy. It is blooming with a variety of flora and it definitely is quite the right view and the right weather. Anamudi never fails to mesmerize.

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Anamudi is the Highest Peak in South India

Anamudi Peak is the highest peak in South India at an elevation of 2,695 metres. Situated on the top of the Eravikulam National Park, this peak is the pride of Kerala. Also, it is the highest point in India outside the Himalayan-Karakoram Mountain range. Nilgiri Tahr, Asian Elephants, Gaur, Bengal Tigers, Nilgiri Marten are some species that lie in the lap of Anamudi Peak. Take a trek to the Anamudi Peak and experience how it feels to be on the top of the world but make sure you have taken permission from Forest and Wildlife Authorities at Eravikulam.

9. Chokramudi Peak- Best Place to watch Sunrise in Munnar

You can never say no to a fiery sunrise at the peak of Chokramudi. Chokramudi Peak is another highest peak but is isolated from the range. Dense forests, valleys, mountains and lush green plantations are what the eye catches at this peak and it is breathtaking. Chokramudi is a saving grace for trekkers too!

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Chokramudi Peak is the Best Place to watch Sunrise in Munnar

10. Blossom Park – Best among the Kid friendly places in Munnar

Dying to get away and relax and get lost for peace of mind? Pack it all for Blossom Park. You’re never going to regret it! With a stunning green vegetation and flora and lovely smooth green bed stretched out with hilly slopes in the backdrop, there is no way escaping the serene beauty and peace of Blossom Park. Water cycling, skating, treehouses, ropeways, boating! Blossom Park has it all. What else do you need?! Hurry Now!

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Blossom Park is a Kid friendly tourist spot in Munnar

11. Echo Point – Hear your echo from mountains

Imagine screaming your name and having it resounded to you in between three beautiful mountains of Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni, and Kundala and a picturesque lake? I would do it for forever! And that’s why Echo Point is always topping the bucket list of many. Walking, strolling, trekking, boating, well, anything and everything is done at Echo Point. Its such a happy place and the view? Don’t even ask! It is worth everything. Hills, hilltops, clouds, streams – its all blue and green and so deadly green, it places the eyes and soul.

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Hear your echo from mountains at Echo Point

12. Chinnakanal Waterfalls- First Waterfalls on the way to Munnar

How about a waterfall on the roadside? As you travel to Munnar? I would love it!
Surrounded by lush greenery, The Chinnakanal Waterfalls is another major attraction of Munnar and missing it is hard. Bath in it, laze around anything. Laying 16km away from Munnar, it is a really great sight and spot.

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Chinnakanal is the First Waterfalls on the way to Munnar

13. Devikulam – Sita from Ramayana took a dip in Devikulam

Devikulam is the most famous tourist spot in hill station surrounded by lush green hills with tea and spices garden which look like velvet lawns and small lakes. This hill station is about 15 kms from Munnar and is 1800 m above sea level. The goddess Sita of the Ramayana took a dip in the lake water and ever since this place is known as Devikulam which means “Lake of Goddess”.This lake is famous not only for its sacredness but also for its remedial powers. Also the lake is famous for trout fishing. So, trap yourself in the scenic beauty of this hill station and get a chance to trap trout fish.

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Sita from Ramayana took a dip in Devikulam

14. Pallivsal – First Hydro Electric Project in India

Pallivasal is located at a distance of 3 kilometers from Chithirapuram in Munnar. This major tourist destination is the main venue of the first Hydro-electric project in Kerala. Pallivasal is a place of picturesque beauty and is often preferential by visitors as a picnic spot.

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Pallivasal Dam in Munnar

15. Locakhart Tea Museum – Enjoy the tea making and tea tasting in Munnar

Tea Museum houses a wide collection of curios, photographs and machinery which tell about the origins and expansion of tea plantations in Munnar. The museum is situated at the Nallathanni Estate of Tata Tea in Munnar.

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Enjoy the tea making and tea tasting in Munnar in Lockhart Museum

So what’s all this waiting for? Grab your stuff and pack it all to enjoy Munnar Tourism Attractions and Sightseeing in Munnar. Never miss the green of Munnar. Don’t. Ever. It is really going to warm your eyes with its breathtaking beauty. Munnar is nature at its best and all the special places in Munnar have to felt by your eyes and heart. You just can’t afford to miss it.

The beauty it holds will definitely make you feel everything is perfect. There is nothing better than mother nature showcasing her beauty and that is flawless and Munnar is the location to witness and live those moments were you really catch your breath for a moment or two and really feels grateful because, in Munnar, the hills, the water, the mountains, the clouds, the mist, everything, everything leaves you hanging and at peace.

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