Lockhart Gap Munnar Viewpoint is an ideal place for adventure tourism and trekking. Lockhart Gap is often spelt as Lock heart Gap because of the gap between the two mountains which looks like a locked heart

Lockhart Gap Munnar is located 13 kms away from Munnar, near Mattupetty on the way to Munnar-Madurai National Highway. You can have a great panaromic view from this point and get a bird’s eye view of the surrounding serene mountains and lush green valleys. The picturesque cloud laden hill terrain is mystic and a must see on the list of best things to do when in Munnar.

The hilltop here offer some amazing view to the tea plantations and the valley around it. During the evening when the whole surroundings gets illuminated in the basking orange glow of the setting Sun making it prettier.

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It’s great for photography, especially . When the evening clouds settle over the hilltops, the view over the tea plantation is unique and ideal for photography . The air filled with the aroma of tea will make you yearn some of the local tea before you head out for other locations. There are roadside eateries, where you can kickback with hot beverages and hot snacks and enjoy the rains drizzling down the hills.

A trek up those winding roads leading up to the viewpoint should not to be missed. You can spend hours at this place breathing in the fresh air with tea scent. You can also soak in the dream-like picturesque view and admiring the lush green valley meeting the blue-clad mountain top. If you ever want to come close to meditating and being one with nature, this is the place to be. Lose yourself to this amazing view and take back memories of a lifetime with you back home.

What we love about Lockhart Gap Munnar

• The picturesque serene view and the salubrious climate makes for an amazing trek both short and long. The Lockhart Gap looks much prettier during the evenings when the clouds hang low. The mountains looks like it has been covered by a blanket with a hue of colours playing up the scenery in the backdrop.

• It is a photographer’s paradise . Professional photographers flock this area to capture the beautiful images of the Western Ghats. You can get images loaded with lush green valleys, vast grasslands, rolling hills and more.

• A historic Malayil (upon the mountain) Kallan (Thief) Guha (Cave) is also nearby for you to explore, which has an interesting story attached to it. They say a thief use to live in this cave and loot the travelers passing by. Some movies have also been shot at this location.

• Lockhart is equally known for its expansive and evergreen tea estates and thick flora and fauna, making it ideal for trekking and walking.

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What to know about Lockhart Gap Munnar

• Natural beauty of the sunrise can’t be usually seen because of the low hung clouds. But that hardly is a letdown. But there are narrow roads leading up to the point and beyond, so care must be taken while driving. The roads are closed at night for safety purposes.

• During monsoon seasons, the visibility hits a low and you won’t be able to see beyond 15-20 meters. It is not ideal to travel during night time as the roads leading up to the vantage point is closed down.

• There are many a hotel and resorts in Munnar and some of them may provide you with a local guide . These guises can escort you on your treks and your plantation visits and provide you with local stories and titbits. There are many a hotels in the vicinity like Chandy’s Windy Wood Resort, The Whispering Meadows, Annas Homestay, etc.

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Best time to visit and Entrance fees in Lockhart Gap Munnar

While visiting Lock-hart Gap, make sure to dedicate at least two hours of your time if not more for this luxurious, scenic and lush green trail. Best time to visit would be Sunrise and Sunset to truly experience the amazing view that it offers. Cloud laden hills will barely give you a proper view of the Sunrise, unless you get lucky. However it will definitely make you feel like you are in paradise where you can break away the low laying clouds with your bare hands. And during evenings, you can bask yourself in the auburn glow of the setting Sun. the cool climate will pamper you and the silver clouds will beckon you for a longer stay. There is no entrance fee to visit Lockhart Gap.

Stroll through the Lockhart Gap Munnar and experience the Grandeur of the beautiful scenes. Enjoy the many expansive plantations, like the Tea plantations and Cardamom plantations . The beautiful mountains are filled with the fragrance of wild flowers and herbs. . So come enjoy the serenity which this mystic viewpoint has to offer, bring your food, bring your picnic mats, your cameras and capture the beauty that is Lockhart Gap in Munnar.

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