Top Station Munnar is the highest point of Munnar and rises around 1700 meter above the sea level.Top Station Munnar  is around 32 km away from the main town of Munnar. Top station is located on the Kodaikanal-Munnar highway close to the Tamil Nadu—Kerala border. This special place is located in the Kannan Devan Hill ranges and is among the best tourist spots in Munnar to view Neelakurinji Blooming.

Top Station in Munnar derived its name from the topmost railway station, located in the Kundala Valley which  used to be the transshipment point of the tea, coffee and spices, grown in Munnar to the plains. including the most famous Kannan Devan tea from Munnar valley. The tea, coffee and other products are brought here from Munnar or Mattupatty and then they are taken to the other parts of the country in train. Apart from the railway, this place was also connected by the rope-way. Although today the rope-way service is not available, the ruins of the rope-way station are still there, which is an interesting place to visit.

Top Station Munnar
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Top Station Munnar

Top Station is an unexplored location very close to Munnar, a very famous hill station of Kerala. The top station is mainly famous for the view of the surrounding Mountains. In a clear day, one can get the clear view of the Western Ghats and clouds appear so near to you.

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Top Station in Munnar – View Point

You should not visit Top station if you are visiting Munnar during Neelakurinji Blooming time. Top Station is famous for the rarest Neelakurinji flowers or Strobilanthus .These flowers are the native flowers of the surrounding hills. These flowers normally bloom once in twelve years. After blooming, these blue flowers give the hills a bluish makeover. The view of the hills after blooming of the Neelakurinji flowers is worth of a visit.


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What we love about Top Station Munnar

  • The first point to love about the Top Station in Munnar is definitely the unique view of the surrounding hills of Western Ghats. As it is located on the border of two major states, the Top Station also provides an excellent view of the Theni District of the neighborhood state Tamil Nadu.
  • While visiting the Top Station on a normal day, one can get the feeling of touching the clouds. The top point practically reaches in between the clouds, making the visitors feel the cloud around them.
  • The adventure lovers can indulge themselves in the adventures like bird watching, hiking, camping, rock climbing and mountaineering in the area around the Top Hills. With the proximity of the Palani Hills, this area is also famous for the availability of the wildlife.
  • In the early morning, Top Station offers an untainted panorama of the valley, where clouds are playing with the rays of the sun.

What to know about Top Station Munnar

  • The name Top Station derives from the fact that it is topmost railway station located in the valley of Kundala. In the past, this railway station used to be the major place for transportation of the tea, coffee or the spices grown up in this valley. The railway is directly connected with the Bodinayakkanur of Tamil Nadu.
  • Apart from giving an enchanting view, Top Station is also the gateway for the beautiful and famous National Park Palani Hills Wildlife Sanctuary. Established in 2008, this Wildlife Sanctuary occupies over 30% of the Palani Hills. This national park is connected with various places like Silver Cascade Waterfall and Kodaikanal Lake, located in Tamil Nadu.
  • The Top Station is mostly famous for the Neelakurinji flowers which bloom once in every twelve years. These bluish flowers are very rare on the earth. The next season for the blooming of these rare flowers is 2018. The hills around the Top Station are expected to cover with blue flowers and to offer a rare sight to the onlookers.

Best Time to Visit & Entrance Fee to Top Station Munnar

The top station is located on the highway between Kodaikanal and Munnar. Thus it is easily accessible from both of the cities. Frequent buses and cars are available from Munnar City to visit the Top station. The nearest railway station to Munnar  is Ernakulam and the nearest Airport is the International Airport of Cochin. The best time to visit Top Station is during April and May. The months of Monsoon are advised to avoid. There are no entry fees to enter this place. The best view of this site is available between 7am in the morning to 7 pm in the evening.

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Away from the bursting crowd of Munnar and the other popular tourist spots nearby, like Kodaikanal, Top Station is heaven for the peace lovers. Sitting in a quiet place of Top-station one can feel the cloud touching them on  a clear day. In a cloudy day, the panoramic view of this place is most likely to be lost. Yet, one can feel the mist touching them on a cloudy day. The Top station is also a paradise for the photographers. So, it can be said that the best untainted surrounding beauty of the Western Ghats is on disposal from the Top Station of Munnar.

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