The  main attractions of Munnar include the climate, the grasslands, the mountains, the blanketing mist, the crystal clear waterfalls, and much more. If you are wondering Nearest Railway Station to Munnar or is in search of how to reach Munnar by including a train travel to your journey, you may be in for a surprise.

Idukki district which includes Munnar is not connected to other places by railway. Idukki is the land of lofty mountains and therefore constructing railways across the place is difficult, expensive, and might destruct the natural beauty of the place. Therefore it is not possible to reach Munnar by means of railway alone and if you search for irctc code of Munnar railway station, you may not find anything. Although, there are many railway stations near Idukki that will help you travel in a train to the nearby locations.

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When we take the cost   into consideration, the best way to get to a place in India is the trains. They are very cheap when compared to air travel and they are not as tiring as a road journey. The clickety-clack sound of train engine on a rail induces myriad emotions in us and it can never be re-created by any other modes of transport. For tourist from abroad, Indian railway is one among the amusing factor that offers a varied and remarkable experience.

A journey through rail in the midst of natural beauty is counted as exceptional and unique with Kerala. Here are the nearest railways stations from where you can access Munnar easily.

Aluva railway station

Aluva railway station is the best way to get to Munnar, especially when you are traveling from outer states. The railway station is located at the heart of the city and is well connected to all the major roadways, railways and is very close to the nearest airport to Munnar – Cochin International Airport

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The railway station is second busiest railway station in Kerala in terms of the number of train arrivals. You can get a straight train to Aluva from any parts of India. Except for a few superfast trains and Rajdhani Express; all other passenger trains halt at Aluva for a considerable amount of time.

When you walk right out of the railway station you can spot the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus stand. There are buses directly from Aluva KSRTC bus stand to Munnar. However in the interest of comfort and convenience we recommend that you use a reputed tour operator like Iris Holidays to book a tour package to Munnar

Munnar is roughly 120 kilometers away from Aluva and it takes 3 and half hours to reach the destination by means of road transport. If you are a budget traveler it would be ideal take public transport, like a bus to reach Munnar. It would be cheap and you will reach fast. If you are not too strapped on your budget go for a vehicle renting. Online taxi aggregators now offer services to Munnar or you can rent a bike if you are traveling alone or with your gang. The bike ride to Munnar will let you enjoy each and every bit of the place to the fullest.

Madurai railway station

Madurai railway station is another railway station close to Munnar. It is one of the top 100 booking stations in the country and was bestowed with the A1 grade by the Indian railways. Traveling via Madurai would save a lot of time, and money for the people traveling from parts of Tamil Nadu as there are frequent trains. Munnar is 150 kilometers away from the station and can be accessed in little over 4 hours.  People traveling from places like Chennai, Pondicherry or Dindigul can travel to Madurai airport and catch a bus from there straight to Munnar. Tamil Nadu transport corporation has buses leaving to Munnar every hour. Buses to Theni are more frequent and if you are in a hurry you can catch a bus to Theni and from there you will get straight bus service to Munnar.

Ernakulam railway station

There are two stations in Ernakulam viz. Ernakulam junction station and Ernakulam town station. These stations are very close to each other; the two stations cater to different routes and the trains passing through Ernakulam rarely stops at both stops. The trains usually halt in any one of the stations. Munnar is roughly 120 kilometers from Ernakulam and can be accessed within 4 hours.

Ernakulam town railway station is the biggest and busiest railway station in Kerala. The station is well-connected to all the major local and national railway links. You can either catch a bus from KSRTC bus stand which is 1.5 kilometers away or from the Vytilla Mobility hub which is 2.6 kilometers away. Both the bus shelters have buses traveling to Munnar every day, but, Vytilla Hub has more frequent services to Munnar.


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Ernakulam town railway station is 3 kilometers away from the Junction station. The station that your train halts depend on the railway route you are traveling. There is a KSRTC stand very close to Ernakulam Junction; you can catch a bus straight to Munnar from here. The Private bus shelter is also close to the station, although, buses to Munnar are not very frequent from here. Ernakulam, being the center of the city, has many buses, cars, rental vehicles etc. to access Munnar easily.

It is not that Munnar never had access to train or railways. The regional office of the Kannan Deven Tea Company in Munnar was a a major ailway station in Munnar that existed when Kundaly Valley Light Railway was a railway transportation system introduced by British in 1908. British rulers in Munnar where introduced railway as a a major transportation facility in the area and it was used till 1924, when a flood wrought havoc on the system and restoration of the railway was considered impossible. After the flood, the British dismantled the entire project. Even now, one can find portions of the rails used in the gates of some old buildings or for some other purposes in Munnar town.

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Tourist Places in Munnar drags everyone to its valleys with its magnetizing beauty. Every travel buff would have visited Munnar at least one; even after multiple visits people would be still yearning for another visit and if you have already visited by air or road, next time you can try to reach the nearest railway station to Munnar .

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