When it comes to visiting a new place for the first time there is a good chance that you will feel nervous. Perhaps you are not sure on the culture of the area, or maybe you simply want to make sure that you can see everything you need to. A Munnar Travel Guide with first time visitor tips may come in handy if you are planning a tour to Munnar

No matter why, we are here to help you with a very special first time trip with our first time visitor tips to the beautiful Munnar.

Where is Munnar?

Munnar is found in the Indian state of Kerala and is a hilly resort town popular for those who want to take in beautiful scenery and perhaps even sample some of the delicious tea that is produced by the high number of plantations in the area. It is a high altitude hill station and features a number of green tea gardens making it a popular destination for people from across the world and even those who live throughout India.

So what are the tips?

A cool climate

One of the best loved things about Munnar is that it is one of the coolest regions in India, rather than the blistering heat that many people associate with the country as a whole, Munnar boasts summer temperatures of up to 20°c, which can feel rather cool compared to other parts of the country.

Make sure that you pack warmer clothes for your trip, as whilst you may feel comfortable most of the time, it can become cooler during the evening. Best time to Visit Munnar is from September to March and you can expect cool climate in all months in a year

Take advantage of the public transport

Whilst a rickshaw ride can seem like an exciting way to get around, you can quickly find that they are costly.
Munnar boasts a high quality public transport system including buses, which will not only get you around the hilly landscape but also not cost you too much.

Stop and take in the sights

We all spend too much time rushing around, so to really enjoy the beauty of Munnar, we recommend that you sit back, relax and take in every inch of the beautiful area that surrounds you. There are multiple tourist attractions in Munnar including Kundala Lake, Top Station, Echo Point, Mattupetty Dam and Waterfalls like Cheeyapara and Valara

Book your hotel in advance

Want to make sure that you get a chance to stay in one of the very best resorts in Munnar If you do, then it is important to ensure you have booked your accommodation in advance. Whilst there are many hotels to choose from, those that are the highest quality will get booked up quickly during peak season, so don’t wait around to make your booking.

Remember that it is a high altitude area

Munnar is a hillside area and this means if you find walking difficult or are planning to take smaller family members then they may struggle walking around. Keep this in mind and despite some aching legs, you are still sure to have a great time.

Hope Munnar Travel Guide has inspired to take your very own visit to Munnar? If you are then you are sure to discover a place that you can instantly fall in love with. Beautiful hills, wonderful locals and some breath taking views; what more could you be looking for?

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