Kundala Lake Munnar is situated at a distance of 20 kilometers from Munnar and on the way to the top station. The height of the lake is 1700 meters above sea level. The thing for which the lake is famous for are the very unique and rare Neela Kurunji flowers which blossoms only once in twelve years.

There is also Kundala dam here, which is the first arched dam in the whole Asian continent. The whole area of the lake gives you the feel of experiencing heaven like adventure.

What We Love about Kundala Lake Munnar

Kundala Lake Munnar provides the opportunity to tourists to hire Shikara, pedal boats and row boats to enjoy . It is like the icing on the cake because it gives you the chance to enjoy the beauty of the lake from a close look.

What to Know about Kundala Lake Munnar

This is among the best photo points in Munnar with the backdrop of a serene lake and an imposing dam. For some extraordinary pictures, reach here early in the morning when the beautiful sun rays fall on the lake to create a glittering effect.

As far as the nearby attractions are concerned, there is Aruvikkad Waterfall as well as a Golf Course. There is also Sethuparvathi Dam built in 1946 as a part of Pallivasal hydroelectric project nearby the Kundala Lake that is a sight to be enjoyed.

There is no problem of transportation as Munnar is totally connected by roads which allow you to travel from buses and taxis. You can easily get a taxi or autorikshaw from Munnar Town to KUndala

Visiting Hours of Kundala Lake Munnar

The whole area is preserved by the government of Kerala and they have some rules and regulations to visit the lake. You can visit the lake from 9 am to 5pm. afterwards the lake is closed for the tourists for boating or any other activities.

Weekly Holidays and Kundala Lake Timings

There are no weekly holidays on which the visiting is not allowed in the Kundala Dam. You can enjoy the beauty of the lake through kundala lake boating on all days and the changres vary between 250 INR to 350 INR per boat . This is done to encourage the tourist activities in the Kundala Lake as much as possible. Swimming is not allowed in the lake.

Kundala Lake Entry Fee

All you have to pay for is the Shikara rides and row boat rides. The price for them varies according to the different facilities offered by them. The minimum charges for Shikara rides are 150 INR per person for an hour. This can be different for the kids.

There is also a food court out there from where you can get delicious food which may cost you much because of the only source of eatables out there. You can also carry your camera and footwear along without any charges.

Best Time to Visit Kundala Munnar

The best time to visit the place is from April to May. This is basically a hill station and therefore people prefer to come here in summer to escape the heat. To visit the lake you should prefer the day time. it would take you one to two hours maximum to visit the whole lake.

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How to reach Kundala Dam Lake Munnar

Nearest railway station: Aluva, via Aluva -Munnar Rd, about 133 km; Kottayam, via Main Central Rd, about 154 km
Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport, via Aluva – Munnar Rd, about 132 km

If you prefer the early morning time then you should definitely take you sweater and other warm clothes along with you. The place is super chilly at the morning time as it is located on high altitude but that also offers the best photo opportunity in Munnar.

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