How many days trip is good for Munnar & Mistakes to Avoid

When people plan for a Munnar Travel and holiday, the first question is on How many days trip is good for Munnar. Most of the preparation will be for a hurried journey to Munnar rather than for getting the best possible outcome with the ideal time in Munnar. Before you pack your bags to Munnar read some of the common mistakes that people commit while visiting Munnar and to avoid such situations to have a trip worth relishing and cherishing.

One Day Trip to Munnar – Not ideal

Munnar has a multitude of places to explore and it is not humanly impossible to do it all in a day. The people visiting the place, especially the ones that travel as part of a south India trip or Kerala trip allot one day for Munnar and one day for Alleppey backwaters. You can finish exploring backwaters and house boat ride in a day but it is not possible in case of Munnar.

Travelling to Munnar alone takes a whole day and it is usually not possible to do any sightseeing on the day you reach Munnar. Best thing to do in Munnar on the day of arrival to to relax and explore the resort and the town. Next day you can visit places to visit in Munnar like Mattupetty dam, Kundala Lake, Rajamalai, Eravikulam National Park, Tea museum, Marayoor, Mattupetty dairy farm, Sandalwood forests, Attukad Waterfalls, Blossom Park, Anamudi peak, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Lakkom Water Falls and the never ending stretches of tea plantation would at least require 3 days to explore and if you are doing trekking or camping you will surely require 4 days in Munnar.

If you have three days in hand you can explore with ease and peace with enough time to rest in between. Most people visiting Munnar would always be in the run to finish their bucket list and compromise with too much sightseeing in ty. You should have day for only exploring Munnar during the Munnar trip, preferably right in the middle of the trip. This will help you recharge your mind and body for the rest of the trip. If you have enough time you will enjoy waking up to the melody of birds, the warm sunrays nudging your eyelids, the sight of sun kissed valleys and dew clad tea plantation, enjoying doing nothing, but to snuggle up in a chair by the window and to witness all these beautiful sights with a steaming cup of hot cocoa is far superior to exploring everything possible.

Meesapulimala Trek in one day – Not Recommended

One of the main reasons for travel buffs to head to Munnar these days is to trek the majestic Meesapulimala. In their excitement to scale this peak, they try to do it on the first day itself. In a way, this is advantageous as one would be at the zenith of energy and excitement when one land in Munnar and you will need a good quantity of these aforementioned requirements to mount the 2640 meters tall mountain. But once you are done with the trek, it will be time to address body fatigue, sore muscles, body pain and minor injuries you sustained from the strenuous trek.

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No matter how brawny or determined you are, the arduous trek will leave you tired and the chilly climate sure will not help that time. The rest of the time in Munnar would be a waste if you are too tired to enjoy it. There are many other equally exhilarating and enjoyable activities and sight-seeing that you can indulge in Munnar like Meesapulimala trek. Therefore whenever you plan a Munnar trip and if you are bent on trekking the peak, keep it to the last or middle. Cover all the tourist spots in Munnar before you embark the journey to the second highest peak in Kerala.

Opting for Local transport only after reaching Munnar

Like any other tourist destination, Munnar too has its tourist spots scattered all over the place. Therefore you will require local transport to explore the place properly. Landing in Munnar with just a back pack won’t be ideal. It will be difficult to hire local transport from one spot to another. The place is a small town and does not have online cab hiring sites or frequent local transport availability like in the cities. It could be expensive, it could be difficult find and the big picture is you will waste a lot of time to explore while waiting for a transport.

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You can either hire a bike or car as soon as you reach nearest railway station or airport and use the same vehicle for the entire trip. Having your own vehicle or a rented vehicle at your disposal can help you a lot as it is flexible and convenient. You can save a lot of money and time by doing this. You can travel to any remote spots and travel back without any fuss. There are places in Munnar where public transport is not allowed and private vehicles are allowed. The best option for local transportation in Munnar as well as a holiday package is to book the vehicle and hotels and resorts through a recognized tour operator who is approved by Kerala Tourism Department who will also provide the right guidance to the question How many days trip is good for Munnar as well.