Munnar can satisfy all your travel dreams; it has all the attractions and activities every traveler yearns for. The man-made structure of dams in Munnar are as stunning as the natural wonders. The dams here have the ability to beckon visitors with its architectural majesty and stunning beauty. Among the dams in Munnar, Anayirangal Dam is less explored by tourists as the dam was only recently developed as the hydel tourist destination.


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Anayirangal Dam located at Munnar is now a major destination in the Kerala Hydel tourism program. Munnar has a plethora of lake and dams, but Anayirangal Dam stands out and deserves a special place in your itinerary. Tourists who adore charming view of nature will love the beauty of Anayirangal Dam. Listening to the flowing water singing the adagio music with the cool breeze will astound you.

The name ‘Anayirangal’ is the amalgamation of two Malayalam words; ‘aana’ which means elephant and ‘irangal’ which means descend. As the name suggests, elephant herds come down to drink water from the Dam. There are lake and tea plantation adjacent to the Dam, which adds extra gorgeousness to this reservoir. Like a jade green carpet, the tea plantation plays a major part in attracting tourists. You can be revitalized while strolling through the plantation with the caressing touch of aroma-laden breeze flowing from the plantations. The lake joins hands with the plantation to present the visitors an exquisite beauty to the high range area. You can witness the elephants finding relief from the crystal clear water of the lake. The sight of the elephants playing will be a feast for your eyes irrespective of your age.

Anayirangal Dam is excellent for taking pictures and videos as this destination offers a photogenic nature!. The silence lingering throughout the expanse of the location reflects the serenity of the land. The panoramic view of the landscape can be imbibed best through your eyes.

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To visit Anayirangal Dam, by Air, the nearest airport is Cochin International Airport (110km) and by rail, the nearest railway station is Aluva (110km).By road, KSRTC provides buses to Munnar from all cities or private buses are there to reach Munnar town.You can reach Anayirangal Dam by traveling 22km from Munnar town and 7km from Chinnakanal.


What we love about Anayirangal Dam in Munnar


  • The reservoir and its scenic surroundings are the key attraction of the Anayirangal Dam. The privilege of the location Munnar applies a magnetic effect for the visitors.
  • The area is a herding spot for wild elephants so you can take excellent wildlife photographs. The herds of elephant come down to the lake and play for some time. The sight will make your camera shutter busy by clicking.
  • Anayirangal Dam is a newly developed tourist destination by KSEB. Therefore, the area is less crowded. You will get your private time indulging in enjoying charming nature.
  • You will love the boat ride here; it will take you a close the mysteries of the dense forest. The boat will help you steal glimpses of wildlife in the forest; animals can be easily spotted from the boats. Both speedboat and pontoon boat is available at Anayirangal Dam.
  • Anayirangal Dam is best for the family as there is a park near the area. Children can play while you enjoying the sight of landscape and gentle wind.

What to know about Anayirangal Dam

  • Wild elephants frequent the dam site and its premises all the time. You can encounter surprise visits from them while you are traveling to or away from the spot. When wild elephants are spotted on the roads the visitors are advised not to provoke them. If you find yourself in grave situations you can seek the help of Forest rangers who are always available to help the tourist.
  • The boating timing is 8 to 5. Wear life jackets at the time of boating. Avoid visiting the place during torrential monsoon. Visiting the place and engaging in activities such as boating during rain can be dangerous. Avoid summer season too as the water levels will be very low.
  • Many tribal people reside near the dam site. You can witness and experience the tradition and lifestyle of local tribal here. Many tribal families are welcoming tourists to their houses and their lives. You can taste the authentic tribal food and buy handicrafts made by the tribal folk.

Best time to visit Anayirangal Dam

The best time to visit the dam is after the monsoon rain. The dam will be brimful, the surrounding forests and grasslands would be thick, green, and fresh. The monsoon adds extra beauty to the scintillating water before it leaves. The right time to visit the place would be from September to the end of January. With the onset of summer season, the water levels recede and there is nothing much to do at the dam site without the abundance of water.

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Winter season (November-February) in Munnar is the ideal time for couples and families as the temperature will be below15°C. During this time, you can experience the fog playing hide and seek. In winter you can enjoy the beauty of the dam in the backdrop of the blanketing mist.

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Anayirangal Dam gains ultimate beauty during Monsoon season. The Dam and the lake will overflow by the Monsoon rain. You can visit here with your families or friends to have an unforgettable vacation.

Try to feel the prettiness of the destination rather than setting them into a frame. Even a simple lounging in a nearby hotel overlooking the Dam and lake can grant you the best time in your life. Visit the nearby places in Munnar because it is better to cover maximum at one stretch.

Munnar is blessed with exuberant flora and fauna and it is the perfect haven for every globetrotter and nature lover. You will see the shades of green everywhere in Munnar. The sprawling tea and coffee plantations in Munnar are breathtaking; the aromatic beverages grown and brewed here can satiate your taste buds as well as your soul. The exotic spices, homemade chocolate, perfumed oil and spectacular greenery- all these marks Munnar special in the map of tourism.

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