Pothamedu View Point

Pothamedu is known for its scenic environs, which offers a panoramic view of Munnar and its adjoining valley blanketed in lush green. You can gauge the height at which the viewpoint is, when you look down upon the winding serpentine roads, with tiny cars and vehicles making a climb up the mountain top. On a clearer day, you can also view Idukki Arch dam, which is around 60 kms away from Munnar and catch a glimpse of the Muthirapuzha River.

Pothamedu view point to Munnar distance is approximately 4.5 KMs and the view from pothamedu which is on NH49,  visited by a large number of tourists every year is  scenic, picturesque and this place is know for its spectacular natural beauty. The exquisite location is perfect for tourists who seek to be amidst nature, and love to view the refreshing tea, coffee and cardamom plantations. For those who love adventure sports, Pothamedu Viewpoint offers hiking and trekking opportunities as well. Pothamedu View Point is in Munnar Direction and is near to Attukad Waterfalls and Hydel Park.

Pothamedu Viewpoint is a perfect haven for photographers, both professional and amateurs, who want to capture the stunning breath-taking beauty that nature has to offer from various angles and vantage points. There are quite a few hotels nearby which offer a serene and peaceful stay amidst the nature and offer magnificent view of the surrounding hills and lush green valleys. Tourists can stay at any of these places for quick getaways to nearby sightseeing destinations.


A stroll along this magnificent location near Idukki takes around 20-30 minutes, gives a heavenly experience of peacefulness and calmness and is a magnet for tourists in terms of a must see location.

What we love about Pothamedu view point

  • Pothamedu is strategically close to the mainframe tourist destination, Munnar, which makes it easier to visit and chalk off from the list of must see viewpoints. We can just pick up and come here for a late afternoon picnic with family and friends and stay until the beautiful golden sunset and the myriad of colours that it has to offer as a photo op.
  • We love that there are so many places nearby worth visiting from Pothamedu. There is a lovely waterfalls called the Attukal waterfalls just 1 km away, Tea gardens around 5 kms away, Punarjani traditional village around 3.5 kms away offering some shows and displays of their art and crafts, Kundana Dam lake around 3 kms away, Blossom Hydel park around 1 km away and many more wonderful scenic places to explore.
  • The height at which Pothamedu Viewpoint is, makes it enormously popular with visitors as they get a beautiful 360 degree view of Munnar with all of its hues.
  • There are various tours being organized just 3 kms away for people who seek planning and organizing for their big groups and want the comfort of being taken care of instead.
Pothamedu View Point Scene in Munnar

Pothamedu View Point Scene in Munnar

What to know about Pothamedu view point

  • There are many hotels near Pothamedu Viewpoint like Blackberry Hills Retreat and Spa, Elysium Garden, Glenmore Resorts and many more. Besides providing a local guy as your guide for your hikes and treks, the resorts and homestays provide home like food and their wonderful spa experiences with natural oils found in their surroundings. You can buy their coffee, tea, natural herbs, oils and spices to take back home.
  • There are various Ayurvedic centres around for visitors to indulge in their interest for Ayurveda and naturopathy. There are many a shops teeming with herbal and Ayurvedic medicines and oils and spices to carry back home.
  • There are Munnar Taxi services provided just 3 kms away for people who make last minute plans or want to take a quick ride to access other local destinations.
Pothamedu in Munnar

Misty View from Pothamedu in Munnar

Best time to visit Pothamedu view point

Best time to visit Pothamedu View point is from August to May since the weather remains preferably clearer and makes for great photo op for tourists and photographers. Although many a travellers travel during the off season of November to February to experience the cool crisp air that the mountains has to offer. There is no entry fee to visit the vantage point. This makes it an automatic addition among the best things to do in Munnar .

View of Munnar Town from Pothamedu View Point

View of Munnar Town from Pothamedu View Point


If you are looking for a weekend getaway destination in Munnar, this place offers you a plethora of activities and things to do. From sightseeing, photography opportunities, to adventure sports like walking, hiking and trekking, Pothamedu is an ideal destination for tourists. You can bring your family and friends and make many a memories and multiply your joys and experiences many a fold. Best part about making this trip is the surprise element, unbeknownst to people the surroundings have a lot to offer to people of varied interest, nature hikes, beautiful flora and fauna, lovely artisan villages to explore, guided tours, waterfalls and lakes nearby. All in all a wonderful getaway.