One can travel the breadth and length of the world being vegetarian, thanks to the number of places in almost all locations offering delicious, nutritious vegetarian food. And here we are, talking about a Munnar trip. While tripping to Munnar, you will come across a variety of pure vegetarian restaurants in Munnar that differ in style and class. The place is a popular tourist destination commonly visited by international tourists as well as travelers visiting Kerala from abroad. With the understanding that delicious foods will never fail to impress anyone, a number of pure vegetarian restaurants are on the rise in the city. So, if you are headed for Munnar, and you are a vegetarian, or even if not but in a mood for vegetarian meals, here are a few places to eat out at.

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Vegans are always faced with numerous weird questions. So you are a vegetarian? How do you survive on grass alone? Do you eat egg? Does egg count as vegetarian? Does milk come under your regimen? The most awkward being, how do you travel being a vegan?! I mean, as far as my knowledge goes, no mode of conveyance is fueled by the meat protein I eat. Such annoying questions and weird assumptions!

Almost all the pure vegetarian restaurants in Munnar offer vegetarian Kerala meals prepared on very natural style. If you are interested to have delectable Kerala meals, you can head to any of these restaurants. These restaurants also offer you a wide variety of vegetarian food and beverages that can delight your taste buds. You can find here almost all the popular pure veg restaurants in Munnar.

Saravana Bhavan Restaurant in Munnar

Saravana Bhavan is the most famous vegetarian food outlet in Munnar and you can experience eating on banana leaf in(traditional style) in Saravana Bhavan Restaurant. However note that this is not a part of Hotel Saravana Bhavan as one of the largest vegetarian restaurant chains in the world. Located in the Munnar Market, Nullattani, it opens early in the day at around 7:30 AM and goes on till 9:30 PM in the night every day of the week. From bread items like parotta and kulcha to rice items like pulao to noodles and even chat items like pav bhaji and bhel poori to delicious creamy lassis and fresh juices, the menu is vast and yet, affordable and all vegan!

Must Try Dishes: Ghee Roast served in banana leaf , Kerala Sadya, FIlter Coffee

Hotel Sri Nivas:

One of the best eateries for vegetarians in the location, it is located on the GH road of the main market in Munnar. Serving a wide variety of dosas with meals, the hotel is known for the good servitude and budget, yet quality food. Uthappam, South Indian thali are their other specialities. Maybe you could even try their homemade chocolates as dessert! Again, this place too is exclusively vegan.

Must Try Vegetarian Dishes at Saravana Bhavan Restaurant in Munnar : Ghee Roast served in banana leaf , Kerala Sadya, FIlter Coffee

Purohit Restaurant:

Located within Hotel Dhanyasree at the Dhanyasree junction on Chilling Plant road, the board and menu book proudly proclaims ‘Bombay, Gujarathi, Marvadi, Jain, Punjabi, South Indian dishes’. Such a great diversity! With simple, basic ambience, the food this place offers is delicious! Exclusively vegan, you can try this place for its simplicity and diversity.

Must Try Vegetarian Dishes at Purohit Restaurant in Munnar : North indian Vegetarian food, Punjabi Thali with Punjabi paratha and makhaniya lassi

Kaivalyam Retreat Restaurant:

The restaurant is within href=”” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Kaivalyam retreat Resort in Munnar located opposite workers recreation center, Moolakada. Serving pure vegetarian food as part of their holistic rejuvenation concept, delicious lip smacking delicacies are produced from fresh local produce.

Must Try Vegetarian Dishes at Kaivalyam Retreat Restaurant in Munnar : Vegetarian Food created with fresh and organic vegetables grown inside the resort

Sree Mahaveer Bhojanalaya Restaurant:

Recommended highly, it is located on the Government Guest House Road near Club Mahindra. Little of them showy frills and pompousness, the restaurant offers quality and taste. The hotel mostly hosts families who come to the place for thalis and their menu of vegetarian dishes.

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Vegetarin Thali in Munnar

Must Try Vegetarian Dishes at Sree Mahaveer Bhojanalaya Restaurant in Munnar : Marwadi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Jain food

Taste the Brews:

Located near the KSRTC bus station, Moolakadai, the café offers continental breakfast together with a range of tea and coffee. This also means they are closed during lunch hours from 12 noon to 3PM. Besides tea, they are also known for their home made cakes, the most popular of them being the carrot cake. With appreciable ambience and good service, this café sets itself apart from other restaurants and eateries in Munnar.

Must Try Vegetarian Dishes at Taste the Brews Restaurant in Munnar : Variety of “tea” and home made cakes (Specially Carrot Cake).

Bamboo Hut

If you looking for a fast food restaurant while holidaying in Munnar, visit the Bamboo Hut! The restaurant is located in GH Road, Munnar. The restaurant can offer you vegetarian fast foods including dishes like soups, salads, snacks and entrees. The restaurant is famous for its ambiance and mind blowing musical treat in background. Even though Bamboo Hut is not a pure vegetarian restaurant, the vegetarian dishes and curries here are famous for its taste and flavour.

Must Try Vegetarian Dishes at Bamboo Hut in Munnar : Variety of “tea” and home made cakes (Specially Carrot Cake).

Sree Krishna Marwadi Gujarati Restaurant

Sree Krishna located at AM Road Munnar is very good in offering Gujarati and North Indian pure vegetarian food options. You can get here vegan foods without Onion and Garlic, on request. The restaurant is located in a tranquil and beautiful spot, just kilometers away from Munnar City center. Foods here are of reasonable price and good quality. You can also get here delicious Gujarati thalis.

Must Try Vegetarian Dishes at Sree Krishna Marwadi Gujarati Restaurant in Munnar : Marwadi Gujarati Dishes and Thalis.

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Munnar Street Shops

Apart from these famous restaurants, you can also identify many street shops at Munnar that offer delicious vegetarian snacks and dishes. While walking through the mind blowing hill station, it is lovely to have some veggie snacks, hot noodles and Munnar special lemon tea. There are plenty of street shops located in different locations at Munnar and that can be easily identified while on the go.

The menu offered by all these restaurants is very attractive and exciting. The foods served by the restaurants are prepared by experienced cooks who realize the taste preference and liking of the guests visiting them regularly. You can select both to go and dine at any of the aforementioned restaurant or avail the food delivery service that is offered by all most all the establishments. Let not your food preferences decide if or not you can travel. Travel far and wide and wherever!

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