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Welcome to Munnar  – the best place for honeymoon in India

Munnar is a collection of vast green-tea estates first established by a Scotsman in the late 19th century — In the days of the Raj, it became a popular “hill station” — Today the landscape — for the most part — retains a classic hill station atmosphere which makes it ideal for  Munnar Honeymoon Packages.  Tourist Attractions in Munnar are its gorgeous views of rolling hills covered with tea and cardamom plantations, and the cool climate. You can experience Nature at its best when you go for a Munnar Tourism Experience..

A misty, lush green hill station up in the Annamalai range of Kerala, Munnar is famous for the tea plantations and honeymoon packages. Tea gardens, some of the highest in the world stretch up the sides of the hills and are interspersed with pockets of forest rich in wildlife. Munnar in fact is like a giant Japanese garden stretching to the end of the horizon and makes an interesting change from coastal, palm fringed Kerala. Adjacent nearly to Anaimudi, the highest peak in South India, Munnar is nearly 1600 metres above sea level.Since the 30 odd tea gardens around Munnar are all privately owned,the majority of them by
Kanan Devan Hills Plantations Company Private Limited , the town itself is beautifully maintained. Munnar is a colonial town, clean and neat and brightly painted,it has its own charm.

Munnar is one of the best places for honeymoon packages in India as the climate and the places here are all so captivating and a pleasure to the eyes including vast mountains of tea estates from which Kerala’s tea industry gets the maximum tea leaves. Munnar has something to offer for everyone and enjoy your tryst with Munnar.The gentle people of Munnar live in a peaceful, relaxing enclave untouched by the troubles that afflict other parts the world.

For information about what to see and do during one of the famous munnar honeymoon packages , and information about traveling to and from Munnar, we recommend you visit the Lonely Planet guide to Munnar or contact us for a  honeymoon in Munnar. Simply let us know what activities you’re interested in when you make your booking and Munnar Honeymoon Packages will make the necessary arrangements.  


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